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To create your custom mural I will examine your space and discuss your idea for the mural, your vision and your mural budget.

Questions You'll be Asked

  • What’s the square footage?

  • What is your timeline?

  • What is the height (will scaffolding be required)?

  • What is the surface and working conditions?

  • Will the mural require graffiti abatement and a maintenance contract?

Steps towards your Custom Mural


Initial consultation is free. Based on project factors, I will provide a cost estimate. 

I design to meet your budget. 

Pricing factors include: the level of detail needed, cost of materials, scaffolding needs and timeline.


Concept Art

I use a photograph of your wall and Photoshop to create a set of visuals for us to discuss. 

A 50% down payment will be required to begin the mural. Final payment is due on completion. 

Mural Project Begins!

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