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Murals Come Alive!

With today's advanced technology, I can make your mural move. There can be birds and butterflies. Enhancement possibilities with AR are astounding!

There are many creative advertising uses for Augmented Reality as well. 

Check out these Augmented Reality artworks made for Louie's Pizza & Pasta in Portland, Oregon.


Building Virtual Spaces

I am now building spaces in Virtual Reality. These VR experiences can be viewed on the computer, on mobile devices and in virtual reality headsets. AND others can participate with you. Here is access to some of my early builds. More to come! And curious as to what I might build for someone else's VR meeting space, VR gallery or VR hangout. 

Nathan Jensen VR Art Gallery on Spatial Visit: and create your avatar
Search NatespaceArt on Oculus / Phone
or Click HERE in Browser


Experimental Virtual Reality Art Studio
on Mozilla Hubs

Visit VR art studio

Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 3.13.20 PM.png

VR Art Exhibit of Nate Jensen & Reneé Wilding at Blondie A Salon on Mozilla Hubs
Visit VR art exhibit

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