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Have you seen what is happening with VR and AR technology??


I'm putting together thoughts on how a business could utilize this to attract customers to not only come to buy their product, but to EXPERIENCE the store they buy it from. Solid memory.

8' tall welded metal men positioned at angles within this 3 story mural in Johnson City, TX
cast shadows and change the mural's perspective dependent on the viewer's position relative to the mural.

I've often implemented 3D elements in my mural work. 
Already, you're turning a flat space into a dimensional space. It is a painting that you experience from a variety of perspectives beyond just in front of. 

I see painting a mural or hanging one of my 3dimensional oil paintings in the customer waiting area.

The painting would literally jump off the canvas through a custom designed app for your store or an inexpensive Google cardboard device with preloaded content.
Products and/or promotional messages could exist in this space.

See this video for more on this concept.

A 12' tall diva rocker stands at the end of a piano archway in this saved and refurbished mural for The Austin Music Hall

Your business
Keeps Portland Weird
in the most progressive way!

Your business
is talked about and featured as a unique Portland tourist point of interest.

Your business is shared in the growing worldwide VR community.

I create the most amazing mural I've ever accomplished by pairing my imagination with a revolutionary new artistic platform!

Selections of my more imaginative pieces

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