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Often it helps to speak verbally to express your vision and truly hear your ideas.

I began my mural career in 1993 in the small NSW Australian town of Mullumbimby. I was going shop to shop washing windows and struck up a conversation with the local mountain bike owner. He was looking for a way to draw attention down the street to his store. We conceived of a scene from a nearby trail with lots of native Australian animals hidden throughout. This got me noticed and soon I was painting at the next store and then the town nearby. 


Upon returning to the states, I was introduced to Charles Trois through an illustration client. He was renovating an old feed mill in Johnson City. He wanted something that would grab attention as people passed through the tiny town on the way to Fredericksburg. I designed an immense M.C. Escher like view of the interior of a feed mill mixing times in history from the stone wheel to gears and engines. Massive metal men stand out from the walls. As the sun passes they cast shadows in the room. The perception of the view is changed from a below view to an across the street view. Many, many people have stopped for photos since. 

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I love being a mural artist. It's an opportunity to paint BIG!! I enjoy that people get to SEE the process of painting. I enjoy meeting them and talking with them. 


I especially enjoy creating kids' room murals. It is really neat to create happy, colorful environments that will remain in the child's memory of growing up. 


I'm now living and building my business as a Portland, OR muralist. There is a lot of great work around the city. I am a part of that. This is a wonderful place to be.