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Portland Muralist Nate Jensen's murals

I am experienced. I've been painting murals for 30 years. I have murals in three continents.I've painted a building 3 stories tall, murals for businesses, restaurant murals, kids room murals, nursery room murals, custom wall murals of all sorts, a media closet mural, a shower mural, a few murals on air ducts, a shed, doors and I've even painted a mural on a limousine!

Each job is different. Factors considered in my muralist pricing are:

  • Complexity of mural design - how long it will take to accomplish

  • Accessibility - how difficult is the space to access painting the mural

  • Timeframe - how quickly must the mural be completed

  • Materials - what is the surface and environment where the mural is to be painted.

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