Each job is different. Factors considered in my muralist pricing are:
-Complexity of mural design - how long it will take to accomplish
-Accessibility - how difficult is the space to access painting the mural

-Timeframe - how quickly must the mural be completed

-Materials - what is the surface and environment where the mural is to be painted. 
I can generally create a design to meet the budget available. 

To create your custom mural we will examine your space and discuss:
your idea for the mural, your vision and your mural budget. I'll create 3 visual comps for you to review and we'll discuss what works for you. I'll prepare a final comp that will be agreed upon as looking like it would be a great mural that satisfies your needs and desires.
And then I put on my mural artist hat and get to painting!

Although I do not show samples here, I also offer faux wall finishing, mural restoration, and can create texture effects for custom wall treatments.

Portland Muralist Nate Jensen's murals
Portland Muralist Nate Jensen's murals

My story &
how I  work.

I am experienced. I've been painting murals for 25 years. I have murals in three continents.

I've painted a building 3 stories tall, murals for businesses, restaurant murals, kids room murals, nursery room murals, custom wall murals of all sorts, a media closet mural, a shower mural, a few murals on air ducts, a shed, doors and I've even painted a mural on a limousine!

I love working with my mural clients, finding out about the vision in their head and having them be a part of the mural painting process. I love it that they are happy and the mural creates a new environment that is pleasing for them.

I offer a variety of styles from the cute and cuddly baby room murals, to the realistic and detailed boy or girl's bedroom murals, to the odd and artistic murals I've done for many restaurants and businesses. 

Portland Muralist Nate Jensen's murals
Portland Muralist Nate Jensen's murals

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts. Upon graduation, I began my freelance profession. This has led me to great heights of mural painting, animation on Waking Life and Scanner Darkly, illustration of 25 children's books, and countless illustrations for newspapers and magazines. I am also an accomplished oil painter. See: for more art!